Blockchain in Business Research

Blockchain, or more accurately, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) build the fundamental infrastructure layer for creation and capturing of digital value in decentralized environments. Start-ups, large corporations, governments, and the European Union work on blockchain-based innovations, making the technology a key driver of the next generation Internet, the Internet of values, where even market failures of the past can be addressed and solved, such as in the case of protecting global public goods. While cryptocurrencies and their exchanges have seen several setbacks, scandals and even fraud recently, blockchain-based applications flourish and are a vital part of Web3.0, Metaverse, Decentralized Finance, Regenerative Finance, among others. However, understanding and designing of DLT-based systems requires research in various areas, as well as mindful consideration of larger economic and societal dimensions. These objectives provide the starting point for this VHB Pro-Dok PhD seminar. This course will focus on educating students about DLT systems enabling them to develop conceptual as well as practical solutions, as well as will learn how to generate new theoretical insights based upon their research. The participants will learn how blockchain systems work and how they may disrupt or transform existing business models. They will gain insights into paradigmatic changes occurring from economic, organizational, and computer science viewpoints. As learning outcomes, the participants will receive insights how to conduct information systems research on blockchain that is innovative, rigorous, and relevant.
What are the learning outcomes of the course for PhD students? Course participants will be able to: 

  • identify research opportunities in the context of blockchain and DLT systems,
  • analyse how blockchain systems are engineered,
  • combine insights from an interdisciplinary perspective to research DLT systems in a sociotechnical context,
  • reflect critically on their own PhD projects in the light of blockchain research trend to generate academically sound, theoretical insights themselves,
  • design and conduct research DLT and blockchain systems.


16. - 19. October 2023


Goethe University
House of Finance
Westend Campus
Frankfurt am Main (room to be announced)


Course language:

Deutsch / English (course will be given in person, either in German or English)


Prof. Roman Beck 
IT University of Copenhagen


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or email us: prodok@vhbonline.org.


Registration Deadline: 17. September 2023