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Advanced Topics in Management and Organization Theory

Content and Learning Objectives:

This course is centered on broad topics related to social evaluation, from categorization to status, stigma, boundary work, moral legitimacy and inequality in organizations. The material ranges from ‘recent classics’ to papers fresh from print. After an introduction to these dimensions, we also will discuss the ontological, epistemological, and axiological (normative) assumptions in these works and how they affect the study design and our understandings of the role of us as researchers. Students will be asked to prepare in advance in order to present the main themes of the assigned literature and discuss empirical material with a hands-on approach.

Learning objectives:

  • Exposure to advanced and emerging themes (and their established roots) in the field of management and organization
  • Understanding the broad variety of methods (inductive, deductive, and abductive) used in the field in a complementary way and their epistemological background.
  • Learning about abductive methods and Dos  and Don'ts in abductive theorizing
  • Recognizing and positioning diverse epistemological grounds in research papers. Practicing a reflexive approach towards the self as researcher and towards the discourse being developed throughout the course.

Target group:

  • Doctoral students interested in organization and management topics.
  • Doctoral students at later stages of their studies (promising candidates at initial stages will be considered).
  • The course is aimed at students in organization and management disciplines but has applicability in other domains of social-economic science. Students of strategy, international management, operation and information management, human resource management and entrepreneurship should find value in this course.



September 4-7, 2023



University of Trento
Department of Economics and Management


Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Delmestri, Head of the Institute of Change Management and Management
Development, Department of Management, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business 

Prof. Dr. Filippo Carlo Wezel, Professor of Organization and Management, Director of the
Institute of Management and Organization at the Faculty of Economics of Università della
Svizzera Italiana -- for a full bio see 

Associate Prof. Dr. Maria Laura Frigotto, Università di Trento 


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