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Machine Learning

The course exposes participants to recent developments in the field of machine learning and discusses their ramifications for business and economics. Machine learning comprises theories, concepts, and algorithms to infer patterns from observational data. The prevalence of data (“big data”) has led to an increasing interest in the corresponding methodology to leverage existing data assets for improved decision-making and business process optimization. Concepts such as business analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence are omnipresent in decision-makers’ mindset and ground to a large extent on machine learning. Familiarizing course participants with these concepts and enabling them to purposefully apply cutting-edge methods to real-world decision problems in management, policy development, and research is the overarching objective of the course. Accordingly, the course targets Ph.D. students and young researchers with a general interest in algorithmic decision-making and/or concrete plan to employ machine learning in their research. A clear and approachable explanation of relevant methodologies and recent developments in machine learning paired with a batterie of practical exercises using contemporary software libraries of (deep) machine learning will ready participants for design-science or empirical-quantitative research projects.



6. - 23. April 2021



The course will be offered in an electronic format. Participants receive pre-recorded videos of lecture and tutorial sessions to familiarize themselves with relevant machine learning concepts and their practical application using Python. In addition, several video conferences will be held over the three week course period to support participants with their mastery of course concepts and to facilitate discussion and networking.


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Prof. Dr. Stefan Lessmann
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



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