The German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) is committed to a comprehensive, multi-dimensional evaluation of academic achievements ( The VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 serves as a standardized element of this multi-dimensional quality assessment framework for significant publication media in German-language business studies (BWL), replacing the VHB-JOURQUAL3 (JQ3) published in 2015. 

The VHB Rating 2024 consists of 18 area ratings that evaluate the scientific quality of publication media from the viewpoint of the 18 Scientific Commissions (SC – in German: Wissenschaftliche Kommission – WK) of the VHB. These area ratings cover the full range of themes within business studies, while also accounting for the field‘s heterogeneity. There is no comprehensive list compiled or reported owing to the heterogeneity of the publication media. The assessment is based on a survey of the voting members of the scientific committees at the beginning of 2024. As experts in their respective fields, the voting members are well-equipped to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the publication media landscape.

The VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 aims to make quality differences between publication media visible. It

  • provides guidance for early career researchers, helping them navigate the vast array of publication media available,
  • provides a comprehensive assessment of the quality of publication media for German-speaking countries,
  • consists of subject-specific area ratings that offer a simplified overview of subject-specific publication media,
  • provides a comprehensive multi-dimensional quality assessment to assess the relevance of publication media for different areas of application,
  • incentivizes publication media to pursue effective quality assurance.

More detailed information on the course of the project can be found here and in particular in the "White Paper of the VHB Rating 2024" in German and English:


Area ratings

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 INT

Area rating International Management

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 NAMA

Area rating Sustainability Management

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 ÖBWL

Area rating Public Business Administration

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 PERS

Area rating Human Resource Management

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 TIE

Area rating Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 WI

Area rating Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems

VHB Publication Media Rating 2024 WEW

Area rating Philosophy of Science and Ethics in Economics