Theoretical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The content of the 4-day workshop is to discuss and develop a common understanding of key theoretical approaches in CSR research. This will help participants not only to gain a sound understanding of the vast body of CSR literature, but also to link the state-of-the-art literature and emerging "hot topics" to relevant research questions. The workshop will include thematic discussions on various topics as well as cross-thematic inputs by the workshop leaders on e.g., the publication process in CSR research, career planning, research communication as well as practitioner involvement in research.

The ProDok course CSR is primarily aimed at junior researchers (i.e., doctoral students) in business administration who focus their research on the areas of CSR, corporate sustainability, and the relationship between business and society. The focus here is not on specific phenomena within CSR research (e.g., CSR in the supply chain, CSR & NGOs, CSR in accounting, etc.), but CSR is understood as a multi-layered and multi-faceted management problem that can be studied from different theoretical perspectives.


May, 23 - 26, 2023


Universitätsmuseum Hamburg
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1
20146 Hamburg

Multifunktionsraum, Hauptgebäude, 1. Stock





Prof. Dr. Laura-Marie Edinger-Schons
Universität Mannheim


Associate Prof. Dr. Christopher Wickert
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



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Registration Deadline: April, 23, 2023