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«A place where knowledge is created» - As one of Europe's leading universities of economics and business administration, the University of St.Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, is committed to the education of over 8500 students and is one of the largest employers in the region, providing around 3100 employees with an attractive and innovative environment for research.

PhD Positions in Finance & Research Assistant Positions

Several research assistant positions are available at various chairs at the School of Finance (Manuel Ammann, Martin Eling, Stefan Morkötter, Paul Söderlind, Tereza Tykvova). Topics include corporate finance, private equity, asset pricing, asset management, derivatives, risk management & insurance, and cyber risk. The positions come jointly with a place in the PhD Programme in Finance.

The Ph.D. programme in Finance (PiF) is a structured program tailored towards a high-quality and internationally orientated education in financial research. It prepares students to pursue an academic career or to take up an applied research position in a central bank, an international policy institution or in the financial sector.

The salary for research assistants may vary depending on the contract offered. For example, someone who finishes her master's degree right before starting the PhD and obtains a 50% research assistant position earns about 41500 CHF per year. If this person has a 70% research assistant position two years later, she receives about 60500 CHF. In addition, there is generous funding for conference attendance.

Applicants need to have all work for their master's degree completed by summer 2020. For more information, see If you are interested, please contact Matthias Weber at as soon as possible.

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