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Jetzt noch anmelden für ProDok-Kurse im Herbst/Winter 2023

Weitersagen: Freie Plätze in ProDok-Kursen zu Blockchain in Business Research, Philosophy of Science, Design Science sowie in Methods, Techniques and Theories in Entrepreneurship and Innovation! Beachten Sie bitte die bald endenden Anmeldefristen.

Blockchain in Business Research

16.-19. Oktober 2023, Frankfurt/M.

This course will focus on educating students about DLT systems enabling them to develop conceptual as well as practical solutions, as well as will learn how to generate new theoretical insights based upon their research. The participants will learn how blockchain systems work and how they may disrupt or transform existing business models. They will gain insights into paradigmatic changes occurring from economic, organizational, and computer science viewpoints. As learning outcomes, the participants will receive insights how to conduct information systems research on blockchain that is innovative, rigorous, and relevant.

Anmeldung bis 17.9.2023!


Design Science

23. Oktober bis 3. November 2023, online

The goal of the course is to provide Ph.D. students with insights and capabilities that enable them to plan and conduct independent Design Science research. To achieve this goal, students will engage in a number of activities in preparation and during this four-day course, including preparatory readings, lectures, presentations, project work, and in-class discussions. The course format offers an interactive learning experience and the unique opportunity to obtain individualized feedback from leading IS researchers as well as develop preliminary research designs for their own Ph.D. projects.

Anmeldung bis 24.9.2023!


Philosophy of Science - Foundations and Implications for Research Designs and Research Methods

14.-17. November 2023, Berlin

Eine wesentliche Zielsetzung des Kurses ist es, für die verschiedenen Strömungen der Wissenschaftstheorie zu sensibilisieren und grundlegende Kenntnisse über verschiedene wissenschaftstheoretische Begründungsstrategien zu vermitteln, um eine kritische Reflektion über die eigene wissenschaftliche Forschung zu ermöglichen. Obwohl der Schwerpunkt des Kurses auf der Diskussion philosophischer (wissenschaftstheoretischer) Positionen liegt, ist es ein weiteres Anliegen des Kurses, deren Bedeutung für die wissenschaftliche Praxis zu thematisieren und anhand praktischer Beispiele zu analysieren.

Anmeldung bis 30.9.2023!


EDEN Doctoral Seminar on Methods, Techniques and Theories in Entrepreneurship and Innovation - a ProDok-EIASM Collaboration

The seminar introduces the participants to the methods, techniques and theories commonly used in their research area:

  • Methods, Techniques and Theories in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Economics and Management of Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship: Current Themes and Research

It also offers possibilities for young researchers to get in contact with their peers, to explore new avenues of thinking, to learn collectively and to exchange ideas in a very active and stimulating way.

The emphasis is on interactive learning with peers about the practical aspects of setting up a research project.

Anmeldung bis 1.10.2023!