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Early Scholars Workshop: Publishing across Disciplinary Boundaries



Publishing across Disciplinary Boundaries

Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

Early Scholars Workshop
Palermo, 8-9 September 2022


Workshop Conveners

Pasquale Massimo Picone

Sonia Quarchioni

Faculty Members

Daniela Argento,
Kristianstad University (Sweden)

Gerardo Patriotta,
University of Warwick (UK)

Giuseppe Pedeliento,
University of Bergamo (Italy)


The workshop aims to provide early career researchers with the opportunity to elaborate on the benefits and controversies of publishing high-quality interdisciplinary studies.

Over the last years, growing calls for more interdisciplinarity have proliferated hugely in management, organisation, marketing, and accounting research, which are traditionally intertwined areas in the business field due to their behavioural, social, and institutional dimensions.

Young researchers are more and more encouraged to investigate issues at the interface between disciplinary traditions by integrating theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches from diverse disciplines within the business field and well beyond (e.g., psychology, sociology, and philosophy).

This workshop has the purpose to:
a) provide young researchers with guidance on how to conduct high-quality interdisciplinary research;
b) discuss their early research proposals to help them publish in top journals.

Young researchers’ proposals will be discussed with distinguished faculty members during parallel sessions of the workshop.

Target & Topics

The workshop is open to early career scholars (i.e., Ph.D. students in their final stage of the Ph.D. program and early career researchers) developing interdisciplinary research on themes of interest that can include (not exhaustively):

  • BusinessEthics, Sustainability, and Social Innovation;
  • CorporateGovernanceand Control in Family Firms;
  • CulturalandSociological Approaches to Market Dynamics;
  • FormsandSocialDynamics of Organisational Sensemaking;
  • Management Control and Performance Measurement;
  • Management of Interfirm Relations;
  • ParadoxesinStrategic Management;
  • Psychological Foundations of Management;
  • Social and Institutional Roots of Accounting and Organising.

More generally, participants should be interested in

  • exploring potential bridges between different disciplinary traditions by also integrating theoretical and methodological underpinnings of other disciplines;
  • learning how to publish high-quality research that integrates theoretical and methodological perspectives from a wide range of disciplines;
  • discussing their research ideas and early draft papers with eminent scholars and peers.

Deadlines & Practicalities

The number of participants is limited to facilitate the interactions and more in-depth discussions.

Submission deadline: 5th July 2022

Applicants should send an email to sonia.quarchioni@unipa.it with

  • a CV;
  • a short letter of interest; and
  • an extended abstract of the work to be presented in the workshop (min. 500 and max. 1,000 words).
Notification of acceptance: 10th July 2022


Full paper submission: 1st September 2022


In-Person Workshop: Palermo, 8-9 September 2022


No workshop fees for participants.