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Virtual Conference: Drivers of Responsible Sourcing

DATE: JANUARY 18 & 19, 2021

Drivers of Responsible Sourcing

Common Grounds - Collective Actions - Lasting Change 

Virtual Conference, Jan 18th and 19th 2021

We are pleased to extend to you the invitation to the upcoming opening conference of the RE-SOURCING project that will be held virtually on January 18th and 19th, 2021!

Responsible Sourcing – referring to a business’s capability to make ethical and sustainable procurement choices in its supply chain in order to avoid negative impact on the environment, social relations and economic systems – is becoming a reality for businesses, policy makers, and civil society.

Now is the perfect time to explore the main mechanisms that drive this transition towards more responsible sourcing practices!

Are we on track to find common ground, prompt collective action, and create lasting change?

As a company manager, learn how supply risks and competitiveness drive Responsible Sourcing practices, and what are the pros and cons of alliances.

As a civil society representative, explore how to include unheard voices, counter greenwashing and exchange with industry and politics.

As a policymaker, gain insights into the interplay of international standards and regulation and learn more about the challenges of enforcement.

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At this virtual conference you will … 

  1. learn more about the current state of Responsible Sourcing
  2. engage with leading experts from the RE-SOURCING project
  3. hear voices that benefit from Responsible Sourcing
  4. learn from hands-on experiences about what works and what doesn’t
  5. understand different stakeholder perspectives
  6. bring forward your view on where we stand and where we should go

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Conference topics:

  • Awareness Building & Advocacy
    Our global pledge to leave no one behind   
  • Industry Frontrunners & Business Alliances
    Improving Supply Risks, Competitiveness & Reputation
  • Regulations & Standards
    The Interplay between policies & standards
  • Investment & Stock and Commodity Markets
    How the financial sector can push for more Responsible Sourcing 

Hear inspiring cases and insights from 


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Provisional Agenda (All times in GMT+1)

DAY 1: Monday 18 January 2021

Opening keynote presentations by  
Masuma Farooki - MineHutte 
Alexander Graf  - Vienna University of Economics and Business
tbc - Ellen MacArthur Foundation 
tbc - European Commission

Awareness Building & Advocacy: Our global pledge to leave no one behind -
How to make the vulnerable and most affected voices heard in the process of change?

Aidan Davy - International Council of Mining and Metals 
Diego Marin - European Environmental Bureau 
Emmanuel Umpula - AFREWATCH  
Mathias Schluep - World Resources Forum Association
Mark Dummett - Amnesty International
Ramón M. Balcázar - Observatorio Plurinacional de Salares Andinos

Industry Frontrunners & Business Alliances: Improving Supply Risks, Competitiveness & Reputation - How are frontrunners driving the case for RS and can alliances level the playing field for sustainable change? 

Julian Lageard - Intel
Badrinath Veluri - Rare Earth Industry Association
Tobias Kind-Rieper - WWF
Guy Ethier - Global Battery Alliance (tbc)
tbc - BMW
tbc - EIT Raw Materials

DAY 2: Tuesday 19 January 2021 

Opening Keynote Day 2

Regulations & Standards: The Interplay between policies & standards – A mutually supportive or conflicting relationship?

Tyler Gillard - OECD - Centre for Responsible Business Conduct
Bryce Lee - Huayou Cobalt
Fiona Solomon - Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
Andrew van Zyl - SRK Consulting South Africa
Rebecca Burton - Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance
Tobias Persson - Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis 
tbc - European Commission, DG JUST

Investment & Stock and Commodity Markets: How can the financial sector push for more Responsible Sourcing – the role of ESG ratings, impact investment and what else? 

Eric Rasmussen - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Elina Rolfe - Principles for Responsible Investment
John Howchin - Swedish National Pension Fund 
Paloma Muñoz Quick - UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights (tbc)

Closing Panel with selected keynote presenters:
Change is in the air – What is it and are we on the right track?

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RE-SOURCING is a new project funded by the European Commission’s H2020 programme. It aims to build a global stakeholder platform for responsible sourcing with a focus on three industry sectors: Renewable Energy, Mobility and Electronics – all which play a decisive role in the EU Green Deal and the clean energy transition. Through a collective, industry & civil society-driven approach, the project addresses the challenges that businesses, NGOs, and policymakers are facing in a rapidly evolving ecological, socio-economic and regulatory world. For further details, we may refer you to our website and subscribe to our network.