Managing Interorganizational Relations - Process Views

Abstract and Learning Objectives

This doctoral seminar exposes students into advanced theories of organization with a particular focus on process perspectives on the management of interorganizational relations. While interorganizational relations (IOR) are often studied from a rather static, network-analytical perspective or with a focus on bilateral ties, this doctoral seminar is geared towards students that are interested in IOR, in particular of a collaborative nature, as complex process systems that require ongoing practices of their management.

Students should be familiar with „classic“ management and organization theories such as the theory of bureaucracy, institutional theory, or contingency theory before taking this course.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relevance and forms of IOR in diverse empirical contexts
  • Understand the basic pillars of process theories of organizations and be able to apply this thinking to the context of IOR
  • Understand core challenges and tensions regarding the management of IOR
  • Develop relevant research questions that promise theoretical contributions in the management of IOR
Date of Event:

September, 16-19, 2019


FU Berlin
Hörsaal 108a
Garystr. 21
14195 Berlin


To get an overview of the amount of the participation fee and to register for the course, please use this link:

You can also send an email to prodok(at)vhbonline(dot)org.

Registration Deadline: 25. August 2019