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Mittwoch, 13. November 2019
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82. Jahrestagung des VHB

17. bis 20. März 2020

in Frankfurt am Main




Wissenschaftliche Kommissionen


Introduction to Mediation and Moderation Analysis: Exploring Intervening and Interaction Effects in Empirical Research

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Dirk Temme, Lehrstuhl für Methoden der empirischen Wirtschafts- und Sozialforschung, Schumpeter School of Business and Economics, Bergische Universität Wuppertal




Empirical research is replete with studies trying to establish cause and effect relationships. Although findings that two variables X and Y are associated represent valuable knowledge on its own, a deeper understanding of this relationship offers both theoretical and practical benefits. Such insight can be gained by answering two fundamental questions: (1) “How” does X influence Y, i.e. which processes and intermediate variables enable X to exert an effect on Y? and (2) “When” does X influence Y, i.e. under what circumstances does X exert an effect on Y (alternatively, one may ask whether a potential moderator changes the effect of X on Y)? Whereas “how” questions are approached by investigating mediation processes, analyzing moderation/interaction processes aims at answering “when” questions.



This short workshop covers selected up-to-date statistical approaches to investigate hypotheses about mediation and moderation/interaction processes. Participants will learn to apply sophisticated techniques like Bootstrapping the indirect effect of X on Y in mediation analysis or probing interactions (i.e., showing under what circumstances an effect is strong versus weak, positive versus negative, and so forth) as a very effective way to communicate the results of a moderation analysis.


Following an introductory lecture on mediation and moderation analysis, participants will be actively involved in practical applications using Hayes’ SPSS macro Process and SEM software AMOS.



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