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Thursday, August 22, 2019


82 Annual Meeting of the VHB

March 17 - 20 2020

Frankfurt a. M., Germany


... a ranking of journals relevant to business research based on evaluations by VHB’s members




Version of March 29, 2011

The results presented here chiefly contain those compiled for VHB JOURQUAL 2 in 2008. However, they also include the results of an update survey conducted among the members of the VHB in the fall, 2010, which a total of 848 association members who at least partially completed the extensive questionnaire participated in.  


The aim of this survey was to add journals relevant to business studies that have been launched since the second edition was compiled or are now regarded by association members as important but not yet represented in the ranking. Journals already included in the second edition of the ranking, however, were not re-evaluated, being covered fully in the results of VHB JOURQUAL 2. The method was the same as that deployed in the second edition, which is outlined the following essay:                


Schrader, Ulf & Thorsten Hennig-Thurau (2009): VHB JOURQUAL2: Method, Results and Implications of the German Academic Association for Business Research's Journal Ranking, BuR – Business Research, Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp. 180-204.


An Excel version of the results of the ranking with additional information, such as the number of evaluations for each of the newly admitted journals, can be downloaded here: 




In all, 172 additional journals were included in the ranking under the update survey, taking the total number of journals in the ranking to 838. The new additions are marked in the table with an asterisk*.


Please note: Journals that are not included in the VHB JOURQUAL are by no means “inferior” on account of their omission. On the contrary, as far as we are concerned numerous journals from neighboring fields which few business researchers use and are thus not featured in the ranking are actually of an extremely high scientific quality! However, VHB JOURQUAL deliberately does not make any assertions about the scientific quality of such journals. The omission of journals occurs due to a lack or insufficient number of evaluations. Neither the managers nor the Advisory Board can make any assertions about the quality of the journals omitted (these are always the result of a member survey!); we recommend that interested scientists consult alternative rankings.      


An update of all the journals included in the ranking and other journals not yet included is to be carried out under the VHB JOURQUAL 3. This third edition of the ranking is currently scheduled for 2013. If you have any suggestions or remarks regarding VHB JOURQUAL, both the management and the Advisory Board are gladly at your disposal.      


We would like to thank all members for their feedback and support in the ranking and look forward to your continued cooperation.       


Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, University of Münster

Henrik Sattler, University of Hamburg


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