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Saturday, October 12, 2019


82 Annual Meeting of the VHB

March 17 - 20 2020

Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Topic 4: Authorship


In principle, VHB members should want to author or co-author as many high-calibre publications as possible. However, when does this entail real co-authorship and when is it just “honorary authorship”? Is it the case, that supervisors of dissertations and of theses, who have not made a direct contribution (such as writing specific sections), have no authorship rights, even if they supervised the work very intensively and, for example, made a substantial contribution by defining the topic and formulating the problem? How can the contributions of individual authors be made specific? What meaningful practices can be derived with respect to the ordering of authors and indicating the significance of this ordering?  And then after publication, what responsibility is associated with authorship? Can, for example, errors in statistical analysis be attributed only to the author who was responsible for the analysis?


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