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Thursday, November 15, 2018


81 Annual Meeting of the VHB

June 12 - 14 2019

Rostock, Germany

science angels

For the promotion of junior researchers by the VHB community, there is the science angels programme: experienced colleagues support junior researchers in the early stages of their careers through individual coaching. See also “science angels – Nachwuchsförderung durch die Gemeinschaft des Verbands der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft” in WiSt Heft 8 – August 2016, p. 448 ff. (Vahlen – eLibrary).

Prof. Christian D. Schade, former member of the Executive Board, junior research division:
science angels is a unique and innovative VHB programme for the promotion of junior researchers by our community of members. Advice that goes beyond the close personal support environment at the faculty is often important, especially in the critical initial phases of a career on the path towards becoming a university lecturer. On the other hand, young researchers often have extremely limited access to the experts at VHB with whom they would like to discuss their issues.”

We aim to serve as a mediator and network here. Every VHB member who is no longer a “junior” him or herself can become a science angel – by responding positively to a consultation request mediated by the VHB office. There is no limit to questions from the junior researchers: science angels and junior researchers can discuss anything they like, from research questions and methods or theories to good publication strategies for their own research and advice on career issues.

In doing so, the basic principles of confidentiality and voluntariness must be respected: the mediation takes place via simple and confidential contact between the interested junior researchers and the VHB office, which initially forwards the requests anonymously to the desired VHB experts. Only once the latter have fundamentally expressed their willingness to conduct a discussion as science angels is the name of the junior researchers passed on. The exchange between science angels and junior researchers also remains confidential afterwards.

Details of the programme are provided on the following pages.

science angels – VHB’s coaching programme for the promotion of junior researchers

Initiated by VHB’s Junior Researcher Promotion workgroup headed by Prof. Dr Christian D. Schade

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