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Freitag, 20. April 2018
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Business Research Conference: "Accounting and Taxation"

Name of the Conference Accounting and Taxation
Date December 3, 2010
Place University of Mannheim
Involved Departments Accounting (Rainer Niemann)
Organized by Dirk Simons
Call for Papers <link fileadmin/VHB/Service/BuR/BuR_conference_Call_for_Papers.pdf _blank download>CfP_Conf_AccTax_2010</link>
Deadline Submissions September 15, 2010
Date of decision about acceptance October 31, 2010
Conference program <link fileadmin/VHB/Service/BuR/2010_BuR_Prel_Program.pdf _blank download>2010_BuR_Prel_Program</link>