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Call for papers: LOGMS 2024: International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems / August 26-29, 2024 / University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany


Digital Waves in Logistics and Maritime Systems: Sailing Towards Efficiency

LOGMS provides a platform for establishing international networks among researchers and practitioners in logistics and maritime systems. The LOGMS conference is a meeting among maritime logistics and systems experts to share research methodologies and results with each other and explore future development directions. We hope that all people in this area are able to acquire useful information from this event and contribute to improving this platform.

Aims and Scope
The logistics and maritime industry is more and more driven by AI-enabled optimization and analytics, harnessing the vast amount of data generated everywhere in supply chains, including real-time data from IoT devices. This trend raises numerous research inquiries spanning areas like the operational management of autonomous vessels and transport equipment, gaining deeper insights into markets through the analysis of demand and price data, exploring new forms of collaboration, evaluating environmental impacts of systems and actors, and many more. Emerging innovations and smart technologies hold the potential to empower various stakeholders within the logistics and maritime sector, enabling them to make informed decisions, achieve heightened levels of performance, enhance sustainability, and ultimately bolster their competitive edge.

The organizers of LOGMS 2024 cordially invite you to submit your paper to this conference to join an open academic discussion on related topics. All papers related to theoretical developments and practical applications of logistics and maritime systems are welcome.

More Information see flyer or https://www.logms2024.uni-hamburg.de/

Please register at at Converia: https://express.converia.de/frontend/index.php?page_id=37044 

Conference Chairs
Leonard Heilig
Stefan Voß