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Thursday, December 12, 2019


82 Annual Meeting of the VHB

March 17 - 20 2020

Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Complete list of the journals in VHB-JOURQUAL3 in alphabetical order

The following table contains all the journals that VHB’s members were asked to evaluate within the scope of VHB-JOURQUAL3 and received at least ten evaluations in alphabetical order. Besides the journal’s name and ISSN of the print version (if available), the rating assessment in VHB-JOURQUAL3 (JQ3) and the reference to the sub-ratings where the journal was evaluated are also displayed. Apart from the evaluations A+ to D for academic journals, the following abbreviations are also used: “k.w.Z.” = “keine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift” (not an academic journal) and “k.R.” = “kein Rating im Rahmen von VHB-JOURQUAL3” (no rating within the scope of VHB-JOURQUAL3).


Extensive information on the evaluations is provided in the individual sub-ratings. An explanation of the abbreviations is available here


We explicitly point out that a direct comparative evaluation of journals beyond the confines of sub-ratings is of little use and no overall rating is provided via this overall list. A comparison of journals should only be conducted within a sub-rating that expresses the individual assessment by the representatives of a specific business research sub-discipline.


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(Druckversion, sofern verfügbar)
JQ3Enthalten in folgendem(n)
Abacus0001-3072BBA-FI, STEU, RECH
Academy of Management Annals1941-6520AABWL
Academy of Management Journal (AMJ)0001-4273A+ABWL
Academy of Management Learning & Education1537-260XBHSM, ORG / PERS
Academy of Management Perspectives1558-9080BABWL
Academy of Management Review (AMR)0363-7425A+ABWL
Accounting and Business Research0001-4788BSTEU, RECH
Accounting and Finance0810-5391CBA-FI, RECH
Accounting and the Public Interest1530-9320CÖBWL, RECH
Accounting Education: An International Journal0963-9284 CRECH
Accounting Forum0155-9982CRECH
Accounting Historians Journal0148-4184CRECH
Accounting History1032-3732CRECH
Accounting History Review (früher: Accounting, Business & Financial History)0958-5206BBA-FI, RECH
Accounting Horizons0888-7993BSTEU, RECH
Accounting in Europe1744-9480CSTEU, RECH
Accounting Perspectives1911-382XCRECH
Accounting Research Journal1030-9616CRECH
Accounting Review0001-4826A+STEU, RECH
Accounting, Auditing, & Accountability Journal0951-3574BRECH, WEW
Accounting, Economics, and Law –-- A Convivium2152-2820B/CRECH
Accounting, Organizations and Society0361-3682ASTEU, RECH
ACM Computing Reviews0010-4884CWI
ACM Computing Surveys0360-0300BWI
ACM SIGMIS Database0095-0033BWI
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction1073-0516BWI
ACM Transactions on Database Systems0362-5915k.R.WI
ACM Transactions on Information Systems1046-8188BWI
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems2158-656XBWI
Administration & Society0095-3997CÖBWL
Administration and Public Management Review1583-9583CÖBWL
Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ)0001-8392A+ABWL
Advanced Information Systems Engineering. Proceedings of the International Conference CAiSE (früher: Proceedings of the Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering)verschiedene ISBNCWI
Advances in Accounting0882-6110CSTEU, RECH
Advances in Applied Business Strategy (eingestellt 2010)0749-6826k.R.ABWL
Advances in Consumer Research0098-9258CMARK
Advances in International Marketing1474-7979CINT, MARK
Advances in Management Accounting1474-7871CRECH
Advances in Strategic Management0742-3322CABWL
AIS Transaction on Enterprise Systems1867-7134CWI
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy1945-7731k.R.STEU
American Economic Review0002-8282A+ABWL
American Journal of Public Health0090-0036k.R.Gesundheitswesen
American Psychologist0003-066Xk.R. 
American Review of Public Administration0275-0740CÖBWL
AMS Review1869-814XBMARK
Annals of Operations Research0254-5330BOR
Applied Economics0003-6846k.R.STEU
Applied Financial Economics0960-3107CBA-FI
Applied Financial Economics Letters1744-6546k.R.BA-FI
Applied Health Economics and Health Policy1175-5652 BGesundheitswesen
Applied Mathematical Finance1350-486Xk.R.BA-FI
Applied Psychology0269-994XBORG / PERS
Arbeit0941-5025k.R.ORG / PERS
Arbeits und Organisationspsychologie A&O0932-4089CORG / PERS
Artificial Intelligence0004-3702BOR, WI
Asia Pacific Business Review1360-2381CABWL
Asia Pacific Journal of Management0217-4561CABWL
Asian Business & Management1472-4782k.R.INT
Asian Journal of Marketing1819-1924k.R.MARK
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics1608-1625CRECH
Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research0217-5959CLOG, OR, PROD
ASTIN Bulletin0515-0361k.R.BA-FI, Versicherungswirtschaft
Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory0278-0380BRECH
Australasian Marketing Journal1441-3582DMARK
Australian Accounting Review1835-2561CRECH
Australian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS)1326-2238CWI
Australian Journal of Management0312-8962CABWL
Australian Journal of Public Administration1467-8500k.R.ÖBWL
Australian Tax Forum: a Journal of Taxation Policy, Law and Reform0812-695Xk.R.STEU
Baltic Journal of Management1746-5265CABWL
Bank Accounting & Finance (eingestellt 2010)0894-3958k.R.BA-FI, RECH
BankArchiv: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Bank- und Börsenwesen1015-1516DBA-FI
Bankhistorisches Archiv0341-6208k.R.BA-FI
BB-Betriebs-Berater0340-7918k.w.Z.STEU, RECH
Behavioral Research in Accounting1050-4753BSTEU, RECH
Benchmarking: An International Journal1463-5771CABWL
Betriebswirtschaftliche Blätter: Fachzeitschrift für Unternehmensführung in der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe0723-9629k.w.Z.ABWL
BFuP - Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis0340-5370CABWL
BIT Banking and Information Technology0006-3835DBA-FI, WI
BKR - Zeitschrift für Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht1617-7223k.R.BA-FI
BMC Health Services Research1472-6963CGesundheitswesen
British Journal of Healthcare Management1358-0574CGesundheitswesen
British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR)0007-1080k.R.INT
British Journal of Management (BJM)1045-3172BABWL
British Tax Review0007-1870CSTEU
Bulletin for International Taxation0007-4624k.R.STEU
Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) (früher: Wirtschaftsinformatik WI)0937-6429BWI
Business & Society0007-6503BNAMA, WEW
Business + Innovation1868-8241CABWL
Business and Society Review0045-3609CNAMA
Business Ethics Quarterly (BEQ)1052-150XBRECH, NAMA, WEW
Business Ethics: A European Review0962-8770CRECH, NAMA, WEW
Business Horizons0007-6813CABWL
Business Process Management Journal1463-7154CORG / PERS, TIE, WI
Business Process Management Workshops (früher: Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM)verschiedene ISBNCWI
Business Research (früher: BuR - Business Research)1866-8658BABWL
Business Strategy and the Environment0964-4733BNAMA
Business Strategy Review0955-6419CABWL
California Management Review0008-1256BABWL
Canadian Journal of Economics - Revue Canadienne d'Économique0008-4085k.R.STEU
Canadian Tax Journal - Revue Fiscale Canadienne0008-5111k.R.STEU
Central European Journal of Operations Research1435-246XCOR
Communications of the ACM (CACM)0001-0782BWI
Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS)1529-3181CWI
Computational Management Science1619-697Xk.R.OR
Computer Networks1389-1286k.R.WI
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)0925-9724CWI
Computers and Industrial Engineering0360-8352BPROD
Computers and Operations Research0305-0548BOR, WI
Computers in Industry0166-3615COR, PROD, ORG / PERS, WI
Consumption, Markets and Culture1025-3866k.R.MARK
Contemporary Accounting Research - Recherche Comptable Contemporaine0823-9150ASTEU, RECH
Controller Magazin1616-0495k.w.Z.RECH
Controlling & Management Review (früher: Zeitschrift für Controlling und Management ZfCM)2195-8262DPROD, RECH
Controlling, Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung0935-0381DRECH
Corporate Finance (früher: Finanz Betrieb FB)1437-8981DSTEU, RECH
Corporate Governance An International Review0964-8410CABWL
Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society1472-0701CNAMA
Corporate Ownership and Control1727-9232CABWL
Corporate Reputation Review1363-3589DMARK, ORG / PERS
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management1535-3958CNAMA
Cost Management1092-8057DRECH
Creativity and Innovation Management0963-1690CTIE, Entrepreneurship
Credit and Capital Markets - Kredit und Kapital2199-1227CBA-FI
Critical Finance Review2164-5744k.R.BA-FI
Critical Perspectives on Accounting1045-2354BRECH
Critical Perspectives on International Business1742-2043k.R.INT
Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal1352-7606CINT, ORG / PERS
Cross-Cultural Research1069-3971k.R.INT
Culture and Organization1475-9551k.R.ORG / PERS
Customer Needs and Solutions2196-291Xk.R.MARK
Das Gesundheitswesen0941-3790CGesundheitswesen
Das Hochschulwesen0018-2974k.R.HSM, ÖBWL
Das Krankenhaus0340-3602k.w.Z. 
Data & Knowledge Engineering0169-023XBORG / PERS, WI
Database and Expert Systems Applications. Proceedings of the International Conference DEXA (früher: Proceedings of the International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications)verschiedene ISBNk.R.WI
Datenschutz und Datensicherheit0724-4371k.R.WI
DBW Die Betriebswirtschaft- Business Administration Review (BAReV)0342-7064CABWL
Decision Analysis1545-8490k.R.OR
Decision Sciences0011-7315BOR, PROD, WI
Decision Support Systems (DSS)0167-9236BMARK, OR, ORG / PERS, WI
Der Betrieb0005-9935DSTEU, RECH
Der Betriebswirt - Management in Wissenschaft und Praxis0172-6196DABWL
Der Konzern: Zeitschrift für Gesellschaftsrecht, Steuerrecht, Bilanzrecht und Rechnungslegung der verbundenen Unternehmen1611-2296DRECH
der markt - International Journal of Marketing (eingestellt 2013)0025-3863DMARK
der moderne staat: Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management (DMS)1865-7192CÖBWL
Der Steuerberater - Zeitschrift für Beruf und Praxis0049-223Xk.w.Z.STEU
Deutsche SteuerZeitung0724-5637DSTEU
Deutsches Steuerrecht (DStR)0949-7676DSTEU, RECH
Die Aktiengesellschaft0002-3752DSTEU
Die Bank0342-3182k.w.Z.BA-FI
Die öffentliche Verwaltung (DÖV)0029-859Xk.R.ÖBWL
Die Steuerberatung (Stbg)0490-9658k.w.Z.STEU
Die steuerliche Betriebsprüfung0340-9503k.w.Z.STEU, RECH
Die Unternehmensbesteuerung (Ubg)1865-7222DSTEU, RECH
Die Unternehmung - Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice0042-059XCABWL
Die Verwaltung: Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsrecht und Verwaltungswissenschaften0042-4498k.R.ÖBWL
Die Wirtschaftsprüfung (WPg)0340-9031CBA-FI, STEU, RECH
Discrete Applied Mathematics0166-218XALOG, OR, PROD
EC Tax Review0928-2750k.R.STEU
Ecological Economics0921-8009BNAMA
E-Commerce and Web Technologies. Proceedings of the International Conference EC-Web (früher: Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies)verschiedene ISBNk.R.WI
Economic Journal0013-0133k.R.STEU
Economics Letters0165-1765BSTEU
Economics of Education Review0272-7757k.R.HSM
Economics of Innovation and New Technology1043-8599BTIE
eJournal of Tax Research1448-2398k.R.STEU
Electronic Commerce Research1389-5753CMARK, WI
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA)1567-4223CMARK, WI
Electronic Markets (em)1019-6781BWI
Employee Relations0142-5455BORG / PERS
Energy Economics0140-9883BNAMA
Energy Policy0301-4215BÖBWL, TIE, NAMA
Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (Online)1866-3621 CWI
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development0898-5626BEntrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice (ET&P)1042-2587ATIE, Entrepreneurship
e-Service Journal1528-8226DWI, DL-Handel
EURO Journal on Computational Optimization2192-4406k.R.OR
EURO Journal on Decision Processes2193-9438k.R.OR
EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics2192-4376BOR
Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW)0937-7204k.R.STEU
Europäisches Wirtschafts und Steuerrecht (EWS) - Betriebs-Berater Europa0938-3050k.R.STEU
European Accounting Review0963-8180ASTEU, RECH
European Business Journal0955-808XCABWL
European Economic Review0014-2921k.R.STEU
European Financial Management1354-7798BBA-FI, INT
European Journal of Finance1351-847XBBA-FI, RECH
European Journal of Health Economics1618-7598BGesundheitswesen
European Journal of Industrial Relations0959-6801k.R.ORG / PERS
European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)0960-085XAWI
European Journal of Innovation Management1460-1060CTIE
European Journal of International Management1751-6757BINT
European Journal of Law and Economics0929-1261CSTEU
European Journal of Management (EJM): A Publication of the Academy of International Business and Economics1555-4015CABWL
European Journal of Marketing0309-0566CMARK
European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR)0377-2217AOR, PROD
European Journal of Political Economy0176-2680k.R.STEU
European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology1359-432XBORG / PERS
European Management Journal0263-2373BABWL
European Management Review (EMR)1740-4754BORG / PERS
European Sport Management Quarterly1618-4742k.R.DL-Handel, Medien Kultur Freizeit
European Taxation0014-3138CSTEU, RECH
Evolutionary Computation1063-6560k.R.OR, WI
Experimental Economics1386-4157 AABWL
f&w führen und wirtschaften im Krankenhaus0175-4548k.w.Z.Gesundheitswesen
Family Business Review0894-4865BEntrepreneurship, KMU
Finance and Stochastics0949-2984BBA-FI
Finance Research Letters1544-6123BBA-FI
Financial Accountability and Management 0267-4424CÖBWL, RECH
Financial Analysts Journal (FAJ)0015-198XBBA-FI
Financial Management0046-3892BBA-FI
Financial Markets and Portfolio Management1555-4961CBA-FI
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments0963-8008k.R.BA-FI
Financial Review0732-8516B/CBA-FI
FinanzArchiv - Public Finance Analysis (FA)0015-2218BBA-FI, STEU
Fiscal Studies0143-5671CSTEU
Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal (FSM)1936-6582BOR, PROD
Forum Wirtschaftsethik0947-756Xk.w.Z.WEW
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research (Proceedings of Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference)verschiedene ISBNCEntrepreneurship
Fuzzy Sets and Systems0165-0114k.R.OR
GAIA - Ökologische Perspektiven in Natur-, Geistes- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften0940-5550DNAMA
Gender, Work & Organization0968-6673BORG / PERS
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice1018-5895BBA-FI, Versicherungswirtschaft
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review1554-964Xk.R.Versicherungswirtschaft
German Economic Review1465-6485BSTEU
Gesundheitsökonomie und Qualitätsmanagement1432-2625DGesundheitswesen
GFK Marketing Intelligence Review1865-5866DMARK
Global Finance Journal1044-0283k.R.BA-FI
Global Strategy Journal (GSJ)2042-5805BINT
greener management international (eingestellt 2012)0966-9671DNAMA
Group & Organization Management1059-6011BORG / PERS
Group Decision and Negotiation0926-2644BMARK, OR, ORG / PERS, WI
Gruppendynamik & Organisationsberatung0046-6514k.R.ORG / PERS
Harvard Business Manager0174-335Xk.w.Z.ABWL
Harvard Business Review0017-8012CABWL
Health Care Management Review0361-6274BGesundheitswesen
Health Care Management Science1386-9620AGesundheitswesen
Health Economics1057-9230AGesundheitswesen
Health Economics, Policy and Law1744-1331k.R.Gesundheitswesen
Health Policy0168-8510BGesundheitswesen
Health Services Management Research0951-4848CGesundheitswesen
Health Services Research (HSR)0017-9124AGesundheitswesen
Higher Education0018-1560k.R.HSM
Higher Education Quarterly1468-2273k.R.HSM
HMD - Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik1436-3011DWI
Hochschulmanagement. Zeitschrift für die Leitung, Entwicklung und Selbstverwaltung von Hochschulen und Wissenschaftseinrichtungen1860-3025k.R.HSM, ÖBWL
Human Performance0895-9285k.R.ORG / PERS
Human Relations0018-7267BORG / PERS
Human Resource Development International1367-8868k.R.ORG / PERS
Human Resource Development Review (HRD Review)1534-4843k.R.ORG / PERS
Human Resource Management0090-4848BORG / PERS
Human Resource Management Journal0954-5395BORG / PERS
Human Resource Management Review1053-4822BORG / PERS
Human-Computer Interaction0737-0024CWI
IBM Journal of Research and Development (früher: IBM Systems Journal)0018-8670CWI
IEEE Computer0018-9162CWI
IEEE Internet Computing1089-7801k.R.WI
IEEE Pervasive Computing1536-1268k.R.WI
IEEE Software0740-7459CWI
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology (früher: IEEE Transactions on Product Engineering and Production)2156-3950k.R.PROD, WI
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management0018-9391BTIE, WI
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering0098-5589BWI
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (früher: ...Part A: Systems and Humans)1083-4427COR, WI
IIE Transactions0740-817XAOR, PROD
IM+io - Das Magazin für Innovation, Organisation und Management (früher: Information Management & Consulting)1616-1017k.w.Z.WI, DL-Handel
Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC)0960-6491BORG / PERS, TIE
Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILR Review)0019-7939A/BINT, ORG / PERS
Industrial Management & Data Systems0263-5577k.R.PROD, TIE, WI
Industrial Marketing Management0019-8501BMARK
Industrielle Beziehungen0943-2779CORG / PERS
Industry & Innovation1366-2716BORG / PERS, TIE, Entrepreneurship
INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research (früher: Journal for Canadian Operational Research Society)0315-5986k.R.OR
Information & Management0378-7206BWI
Information and Organization1471-7727BRECH, WI
Information Resources Management Journal1040-1628k.R.ORG / PERS, WI
Information Systems (IS)0306-4379BWI
Information Systems and e-Business Management1617-9846CWI
Information Systems Frontiers1387-3326BWI
Information Systems Journal (ISJ)1350-1917AWI
Information Systems Management1058-0530CWI
Information Systems Research (ISR)1047-7047A+OR, WI
Information Technology and Management1385-951XCWI
INFORMS Journal on Computing (JOC)1091-9856AOR, WI
Innovative Verwaltung1618-9876k.R.ÖBWL, ORG / PERS
Insurance: Mathematics & Economics0167-6687k.R.Versicherungswirtschaft
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance & Management1055-615X k.R.RECH, WI
Interfaces0092-2102BOR, PROD
Internal Auditor0020-5745k.R.RECH
International Business & Economics Research Journal1535-0754CABWL
International Business Review0969-5931BINT
International Economic Review0020-6598k.R.INT
International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal1554-7191B/CEntrepreneurship
International Journal of Accounting0020-7063BRECH
International Journal of Accounting Information Systems1467-0895CRECH
International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation1740-8008CSTEU, RECH
International Journal of Advertising0265-0487CMARK
International Journal of Arts Management1480-8986k.R.Medien Kultur Freizeit
International Journal of Auditing1090-6738BRECH
International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management1470-9511CPROD, TIE
International Journal of Bank Marketing0265-2323k.R.BA-FI, MARK
International Journal of Business Communication (IJBC)0021-9436k.R.MARK, ORG / PERS
International Journal of Business Environment1740-0589CABWL
International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining1743-8187k.R.WI
International Journal of Business Intelligence Research1947-3591k.R.WI
International Journal of Business Performance Management IJBPM1368-4892DABWL
International Journal of Business Research (IJBR): A Publication of the Academy of International Business and Economics1554-5466CABWL
International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management1753-0296CABWL
International Journal of Business Strategy (IJBS):  A Publication of the Academy of International Business and Economics1553-9563CABWL
International Journal of Consumer Studies1470-6423DMARK
International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (CCM)1470-5958k.R.INT
International Journal of Economics and Accounting2041-868XCRECH
International Journal of Economics and Business Research (IJEBR)1756-9850CABWL
International Journal of Electronic Business1470-6067CMARK, WI
International Journal of Electronic Commerce (IJEC)1086-4415BWI
International Journal of Energy Sector Management1750-6220BPROD, TIE, NAMA
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research1355-2554CTIE, Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing1742-5360BTIE, Entrepreneurship, KMU
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation1465-7503CTIE, Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management1368-275XCTIE, Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business1476-1297CEntrepreneurship
International Journal of Finance1041-2743CBA-FI
International Journal of Forecasting0169-2070COR
International Journal of Game Theory0020-7276k.R.OR
International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business1479-3059CEntrepreneurship
International Journal of Government Auditing0047-0724k.R.RECH
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics1389-6563k.R.Gesundheitswesen
International Journal of Health Planning and Management0749-6753k.R.Gesundheitswesen
International Journal of Healthcare Management (früher: Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare)1753-3031DGesundheitswesen
International Journal of Human Resource Management0958-5192BORG / PERS
International Journal of Human Resources: Development and Management1465-6612k.R.ORG / PERS
International Journal of Industrial Organization0167-7187BABWL
International Journal of Information Management0268-4012CWI
International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD)1947-8186k.R.WI
International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach1935-570Xk.R.WI
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making0219-6220COR, TIE, WI
International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development1740-8822CTIE, NAMA, WEW
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management0219-8770CTIE, Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Innovation Management1363-9196BTIE, Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Integrated Supply Management1477-5360CLOG, PROD
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising1477-5212k.R.MARK
International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM)1548-0666CORG / PERS, WI
International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies (eingestellt 2012)1743-8268CABWL
International Journal of Learning and Change1740-2875k.R.ORG / PERS
International Journal of Logistics Management0957-4093CLOG, PROD
International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications1367-5567CLOG
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development1468-4330k.R.Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Management Practice1477-9064CABWL
International Journal of Management Reviews IJMR1460-8545BABWL
International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting1753-6715CRECH
International Journal of Manpower0143-7720k.R.ORG / PERS
International Journal of Market Research (früher: Journal of the Market Research Society)0025-3618DMARK
International Journal of Microsimulation1747-5864k.R.STEU
International Journal of Mobile Communications1470-949XCTIE, WI
International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations1470-9503k.R.ORG / PERS, TIE
International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing1465-4520CMARK, ÖBWL
International Journal of Operations & Production Management0144-3577BLOG, OR, PROD
International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management1082-1910k.R.OR, PROD
International Journal of Operations Research1745-7645COR
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management0960-0035BLOG, PROD
International Journal of Product Development1477-9056CTIE
International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management1743-5110CABWL
International Journal of Production Economics0925-5273BLOG, OR, PROD
International Journal of Production Research0020-7543BOR, PROD
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management1741-0401CABWL
International Journal of Project Management0263-7863CABWL
International Journal of Project Organization and Management Science (IJPOM)1740-2891k.R.ABWL
International Journal of Public Administration0190-0692CÖBWL
International Journal of Public Sector Management0951-3558CÖBWL
International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management1741-1041CÖBWL
International Journal of Research in Marketing0167-8116AMARK
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management0959-0552CMARK, DL-Handel
International Journal of Revenue Management1474-7332CABWL
International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (IJSSMET)1947-959XDWI, DL-Handel
International Journal of Services and Operations Management1744-2370k.R.PROD
International Journal of Services Technology and Management1460-6720k.R.DL-Handel
International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship1464-6668DMARK, Medien Kultur Freizeit
International Journal of Strategic Management (IJSM): A Publication of the Academy of International Business and Economics1555-2411CABWL
International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management1753-3600CNAMA
International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care0266-4623BGesundheitswesen
International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning1740-2832k.R.TIE
International Journal of Technology Management0267-5730CTIE
International Journal of Technology Marketing1741-878Xk.R.TIE
International Journal of the Economics of Business1357-1516CABWL
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance0219-0249BBA-FI
International Journal on Media Management1424-1277CWI, Medien Kultur Freizeit
International Marketing Review0265-1335BINT, MARK
International Public Management Journal1096-7494BÖBWL
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Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice0965-8564BLOG
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological0191-2615BLOG, OR
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment1361-9209BLOG
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review1366-5545BLOG
Transportation Science0041-1655ALOG, OR
Umsatzsteuer Rundschau0341-8669k.R.STEU
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Value in Health1098-3015BGesundheitswesen
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Work, Employment and Society0950-0170BORG / PERS
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ZWF - Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb0947-0085k.R.PROD



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