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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


80th Annual Meeting of the VHB

May 23-25, 2017

Magdeburg, Germany

Topic 5: Dealing with Data and Documenting Research Processes


Research results are only intersubjectively verifiable, if access to the data or ex-post verifiability are guaranteed. How can such access be guaranteed? For what period? How should confidential data be handled? How can the interests of the author/s be protected, who have gone to great pains to gather information and now wish to be the only beneficiaries? What should verifiable research documentation look like? What contents, particularly for empirical investigations (such as project plans, publication project plans, changing authorships, adaptation of raw data through purging and so on, content-related vs. legal ownership of data and findings, nature of joint work) should be documented in what manner, so as to contribute to a subsequent clarification of issues? How should these documents or the applied (raw) data be archived, in what format, with what security instruments and for what timeframe? How can one ensure that the work processes of the researcher can be followed and understood from the original data?


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